Music Production: Stop Buying Mixing Plugins. Let’s Talk About The Bigger Issue

Skrillex quote
Marketing thing for Ohmicide. This is one of my favorites because they misspelled “songwriter”, and it’s been like that for years, lol. Like Skrillex, I too want to be a “songrwriter”.
An irrelevant meme
An irrelevant meme template, for your enjoyment
seagull guitar
This is just a random picture of a Seagull guitar I found online, lol, not the one we used.
Martin guitars acoustic
Some Martin Guitars, cause why not?
Robert Rask with the tested guitars
This is Robert Rask (the luthier). The guitar on the right is the guitar we used in the test. I’ve played a few of his guitars, but that one was probably my favorite.
This is from EastWest studios. Hint: they also sell a bunch of sample libraries.



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Danny Demosi

Danny Demosi

Music producer, mix engineer, and songwriter from Salt Lake City, Utah.